James Adelman

James Adelman

James Adelman is with out a doubt a rising star. He possesses unusual talent, vision and drive. He received a BFA with Honors from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and never looked back. Upon graduation he had a two person exhibition with Sundai B at the Augusta Savage Gallery and the following spring earned himself a solo show at Gallery 51. He is very aware of Art Historical context and seamlessly works these themes into his work. Adelman is most known for his paintings in which he merges notable Hopper and Magritte paintings into a single composition.

2nd Annual Interns & Students Exhibition Opening Dec. 10

2nd Annual Interns & Students Exhibition Opening Dec. 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Rasika Reddy

Rasika Reddy is an artist based in Summit, New Jersey. She was born in India and was educated in India and England. She decided to pursue her passion for art while living in England. Drawing from her own background she tries to create a visual language that is evocative of an eastern culture. She believes that visual art is an under utilised medium for understanding other cultures. The amalgamation of the various cultures over the centuries has become the main subject of her paintings. She uses many layers of different cultural images, and icons to portray a coming together of different worlds.

Fred Stein

Fred Stein

Nov. 17 - Feb 2

photography is in the collections of the National Museum of American Art, the International Center of Photography, The National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian) and the Musee Carnavalet (Paris).

Fred Stein was born in Dresden Germany in 1909. He became a brilliant law student and fervent anti-Nazi activist. In 1933 he fled to Paris and living among a circle of expatriate artists and intellectuals he took up Photography and with his Lieca became a pioneer of the new hand held 35mm format.

When war was declared, Stein was put into an internment camp. As the Nazis invaded Paris, he managed to escape and was reunited with his wife and infant daughter in Marseilles, where the three boarded the S.S. Winnipeg, bound for New York.

In addition to documentary street photography, Fred Stein did portraits of over 1200 personalities, including Albert Einstein, Herman Hesse, Eleanor Roosevelt, Richard Wright, Salvador Dali, John Steinbeck and Marc Chagall.

Interns Summer 2010

1st Interns & Students Exhibition

Interns and Students

January 31 - March 1st

Claire Rosen New Works

Claire Rosen Exhibition Opening May 16

Opening Feb 9, 2008

Claire Rosen completed her BFA in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. She spent the following two summers at the Maine Photographic Workshops, where she assisted for Joyce Tenneson. She has two distinct bodies of work; self portraits and antique dolls. Critics have called both groups of photographs, “haunting, mysterious, and unforgettable.”

Exhibition Opening April 30th, Rasika Reddy

Rasika Reddy Exhibition Opening April 30th

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