Rasika Reddy Exhibition Opening April 30th Rasika Reddy was born in India and was educated in India and England. The inspiration for this body of work was my fascination with the various manifestations of mother goddess in the Indian culture. The concept of a powerful being who can create, nurture or destroy is well known and accepted in the Indian society and yet, a womanís place in the real world is more often fragile and powerless. Physical beauty and adornment are generally considered to be superficial and reinforce the perception of women as objects of beauty and desire only. However, I have come to believe that external adornment does not need to be simply superficial or vain, it can be a path to inner beauty as well. In these paintings, I hope to celebrate the multifaceted nature of a woman in the modern world. I have used images that range from the macabre to the earthy fertility goddess juxtaposed with glitter, fabric, sequins and crystals to emphasize that the surface color and decorations are as integral to a womanís life as the deep-seated need to give birth and nurture life.



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