Anie Knipping: Extended through July 4th, 2010 - Click here to preview or order a copy of "Eccentricity"
Anie Knipping is an autistic synesthete with the unique ability to convey her world to those around her through text and image. Her first book, "Eccentricity" is a massively illustrated guide to her brain and psyche, created over the past seven years in an attempt to bridge her world with ours. It is currently available for order through the gallery. We ultimately hope to get it published.
Anie is a brilliant writer, illustrator and graphic designer. She is both artist and scientist and a very sweet person on top of it all. Her work is inspiring on so many levels.



The Eternal Grey - from the book "Eccentricty"
Photoshop, drawn with mouse
6 x 9"

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